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SEIT Projects

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 Audio and Video Projects

Training Video for Frasers Hospitality 2014.png

Training Video for Frasers Hospitality

A staff and students video production project to create training videos for Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd.  The videos served as housekeeping training and included procedures involving supervisors when they are doing checks in their service apartments, with voice-over narration and subtitles explaining the procedure and checklist.

CDAC Video.pngCDAC Video Films

ITE collaborated with Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) to produce 2 short videos on heart-warming tales of CDAC beneficiaries. The videos depict how each beneficiary overcome their obstacles, their struggles and obtain success in the end.


CCK GRC Annual Newsletter

ITE collaborated with Choa Chu Kang (CCK) GRC to develop the CCK Annual Newsletter, that is distributed to the residents under the CCK GRC. The newsletter shows important information to be announced to the residents, as well as photos of activities held within various People's Association centres.


Short Films

The Digital Audio and Video course students produced 10 short films as part of their final year projects. They were involved in pre-production, production and post-production stages. The ranges are scriptwriting, storyboarding, video shooting, audio recording, post-audio editing, video editing and lastly marketing.


Web and Mobile Applications


Go50 Web Portal

Go50 Web portal is a collaboration between ITE and Heartware to commentrate SG50 event. The portal allowed runners from all over the world to clock their mileage and this project was highlighted in Singapore main newspaper media and the closing of the event was synchronized with the opening of the Asian Games 2015 on 5 Jun 2015.


Spa & Wellness Booking Web Portal

This project is a Spa & Wellness Booking web portal, using CakePHP, a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. The portal allows booking of Spa sessions.


CW Mobile Attendance App

This application (Android & IOS) allows students and parents to view their attendances, class time-table and provides a messaging mechanism for the class advisors to send messages to their students and parents.


Smart Listening Application

Smart Listening is an iPad application developed under the collaboration between ITE CW (SEIT) and the Association of People with Special Needs (APSN). The collaboration aims to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the training programs with the use of mobile technology in APSN. Smart Listening is an all-in-one application that combines all the needs of a typical audio training.



Customised Electronic Projects


Hands-Free Electrolarynx

Hands-Free Electrolarynx (HFE) is intuitive hands-free wearable electrolarynx device to enable laryngectomees to regain a more natural speech. This product also aims to be more economical and ergonomic and to remove the social stigma which laryngectomees face.


Smokelyzer to Track & Expedite Actions and Decision to Eliminate Smoking (STEADES)

Smokelyzer to Track & Expedite Actions and Decision to Eliminate Smoking (STEADES) aims to be one of the first smoking cessation devices that leverage on smartphones and social media.  If STEADES is successful, it will revolutionize smoking cessation and effectively reduce the number of smoking addiction in Singapore or even in worldwide.



Micromouse is an autonomous robot that can navigate from a corner of maze to the goal in the shortest time. During in search to the goal, the micromouse robot will collect wall information at each coordinates, map out the maze as it goes and determines the shortest path. During dash run, the micromouse robot will run as quickly as possible from start to goal along previously determined path. The winner is determined with fastest dash run.


Line Tracer

Line tracer is an autonomous robot that can follows a white line on black surface.  It must be able to detect particular line and keep following it until it reaches the end point. This robot has been used for numerous robotics competitions worldwide.


Car Scratching Incident Detection System

ITE collaborated with Police Technology Department to develop the "Car Scratching Incident" detection system. It detects car scratching from the cars' blind spots by installing embedded cameras at the side mirrors to get video footage.


Energy Harvesting Door

With the move towards renewable energy, the kinetic energy that we generate in our daily activities can be harvested and be converted into electrical energy.  The ECO Door (TED) ingeniously harness kinetic energy from the common motion of opening and closing of door and converts into electrical energy for usage or storage.



CAREmote is a System that collects environmental data and control electrical appliances.  This system can automate tasks which are routine so we can focus our time and energy on the things that really matter to us. This system could assist the elderly people who has mobility issues to operate house hold appliances. It could be configured to enhance Workplace or Home safety. It is also system that help save energy.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mobile Engagement System

In this system, a brainwave reader headset (namely Neurosky Mindwave Mobile) is used to sense the user's attention level and eye blinks. The signals is then sent to an Android device via Bluetooth. User can follow the instructions as described in the mobile app to switch on/off light, fan, or control other appliances.  There are very wide range of assistive devices can be further developed and integrated into the system.

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