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 Automotive Training Workshop.jpg Airconditioning Technology Centre.jpgLighting N Sound Training Lab.jpg

Automotive Training Workshop              Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Lab            Lighting & Sound Training Lab

CNC Machining Center.jpg Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Lab.jpgPermanent Way N Tracks.jpg

Airconditioning Technology Centre                         CNC Machining Center                           Permanent Way & Tracks         

HSEQ Centre.jpg WSH Training Lab.jpg ITE-Borneo.jpg

                HSEQ Centre                                            WSH Training Lab                               ITE-Borneo Motors Diagnostic Centre


RTSNC Lab.jpg Train Bogie Workshop.jpg ITE-Steinberg.jpg

    Rapid Transit Signalling & Comm Lab                  Train Bogie Workshop                             ITE-Steinberg Certified Training Centre         


ITE-Sennheiser.jpg ITE-Carrier.jpg Mobile Fire Trainer.jpg

      ITE-Sennheiser Sound Academy           ITE-Carrier Aircon Compressor Overhaul Centre               Mobile Fire Trainer (MFT)                    

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