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Exercise Rehabilitation Machine For Lower Limbs

Rehabilitation is normally required from patients who have undergone total knee replacement surgery. Our machine incorporates sensors to monitor the effectiveness of the rehabilitation exercises from a smart device.



​This innovative technology aims to be world first smoking cessation device that leverages on social media platform to encourage smoking cessation. It is also potentially able to monitor blood glucose for diabetes patients through analysing their breath.

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Hands-Free Electrolarynx



Coffee Crusher Machine


The Hands-Free Electrolarynx (HFE) is an intuitive wearable device to help laryngectomees to regain their speech. HFE comprises a precise electromyography (EMG) system, an innovative voice actuator, an EMG controlled pitch and volume electronics.

A vibration applied to the throat replicates the vibration of the vocal cords. Laryngectomees can articulate with the tongue, palate, throat and lips without training.



The coffee crusher machine is designed for a local coffee bean manufacturer. A rotating cylinder with sprockets is used to separate freshly baked coffee beans that are stuck together.




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