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Virtual Reality (VR) 

VR Rehab is an innovative system that combines Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation with resistance training via rotational stiffness control. It incorporates 3D games designed for Activities of Daily Living (ADL).
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Portable On-line Chemical Oxygen Demand System

POCOD.pngChemical Oxygen Demand (COD) which reflects the total pollution load of waste water discharges is considered to be one of the most important parameters in waste water and waste chemical treatment processes. However, the determination of COD is often difficult, requiring frequent sampling and at least 2-3 hours of boiling by the standard titration method. The Portable on-line COD system has several advantages over traditional method:
  • Fast COD measurement: estimate 20 minutes
  • Wide application range (50-12000 ppm) with less than ±3% error
  • Intelligent control and operation
  • No secondary environment pollution
  • Compact/portable mechanical design

The Chemical Recycling for Wastewater Treatment System

chemical recycling.png
A proof-of-concept water treatment system that utilizes in-house synthesized insoluble hydrated chemical for pollutant adsorption. The used chemical will be recycled via anaerobic digestion.

This system has the potential to reduce retention time of treatment, increase biological treatment efficiency, generate more biogas, and reduce space usage for treatment.


Fish Counting System


Fish counting accuracy is inversely proportional to the number of fish within an area. Large number of fish within an area results in fish overlapping. When counting the number of fish in such situations using image processing, counting accuracy will be affected.
This system is able to improve the counting accuracy by incorporating Kinetic Particles Theory and statistical analysis into the image processing algorithm.

Floating Logo System


The floating foam system generates customizable shapes and logos using bubbles. A pressure balancing bubble dispenser with programmable slicer mechanism was developed in-house to ensure that the moulded logos are of the right size and weight that can float upwards.


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